Track all the information most critical to your decision making process from a single interface.

FINCURATE dynamically aggregates thousands of press releases, corporate events, Twitter feeds, blog posts, RSS feeds, and other critical information related to over 10,000 publicly traded companies, market sectors, and financial assets into a single interface...all designed with the goal of saving you valuable time, giving you an edge in today's competitive landscape.

  • Press Releases and News Headlines
  • Blog Posts (Tumblr, Wordpress, Blogger...)
  • Social Media Accounts (Twitter, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn...)
  • Financially-focused Networks (WSJ, Reuters, TheStreet, CNBC...)
  • Analyst reports, Articles, and Commentary from KeyThought Leaders
  • Fully Analyzed Charts from Top Technical Analysts

Browse our Board Directory

Search, filter, preview, and follow boards from a single directory

FINCURATE makes it easy to quickly browse our entire collection of public research boards.  Filter by a variety of board criteria including: 

  • Board Curators & Themes
  • Companies Names & Symbols
  • Keywords & Tag Clusters
  • Exchange or Index
  • Featured Content Providers

We also organize & showcase our research boards according to what's trending, what's new to our system, and what's most popular with our members.  Search results can be viewed in GRID or LIST layouts to provide you with optimal flexibility in viewing search results. 

Research Built Around Your Interests

Theme-based research boards designed around your customized topics

FINCURATE's research boards can be completely customized to track all the commentary, news, and social chatter centered around a variety of personalized research themes including:

  • Public Companies & Market Sectors
  • Corporate Events (Mergers, Product Updates)
  • Financial Portfolios
  • Personal Watchlists
  • Thought Leaders & Key Influencers
  • Products & Services

Keeping up with everything is as easy as choosing a topic and creating a board in a few simple steps.

We Qualify & Filter Content Sources

Reduce SPAM to isolate only the information most crucial to your interests

There are plenty of platforms and search engines offering curation tools to help you filter out non-relevant information, but FINCURATE takes this process to the next level by pre-screening thousands of information sources, filtering out sources that provide too much SPAM, and organizing these sources into theme-based Collections.

We then use these qualified individual feeds and feed collections in our curated research boards and make them available in our Feed Directory where our users can blend them into their own personal boards.

This significantly helps to focus the flow of valuable content, leading to an overall more efficient research process.

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